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Strategic Input and Outsourcing

Most companies, boards, CIOs and CTOs are challenged to keep up with the rapid pace of technology development. If you’re under-resourced and overworked, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Design. Build.

You have a concept for your IT systems  that can improve quality and reduce costs. We know how to take it to a scalable and secure solution – within budget and on time, every time.


Any Biotech or Pharma, regardless of size,  can have immediate access to enterprise-grade technology, tools and infrastructure and compete with even the most
well-resourced competitors.


Strategic Input


We help Life Sciences companies minimize the risk of IT strategy transformation by guiding them plan through the complexities of their enterprise IT roadmap. 


Enterprise Architecture (EA) Legacy Modernization Services
Open Source Strategy Architecture and Scalabiity
Security and Compliance

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Clinical Portal Toolset Design. Build. Deploy.

Your vision. 

Whether you’re a CEO, CIO, CTO or entrepreneur in the Biotech or Pharamceutical industry, we will help bring you to your vision to life.

Our solutions.

We implement new and more efficient ways of working with both custom-built and off-the-shelf technologies that can be adapted quickly to your needs.


Transformational solutions

 Pharma is at a crossroads. Where traditionally, drug discovery has been a game of high risk and high reward,  today the risk coefficient is increasing, the rewards are getting squeezed by new competition from emerging markets and consolidated competitors. The strategic use of IT is a key component to survival and it is critical that life sciences; leaders look to their IT to transform their approach, find efficiencies and create new market opportunities. 



Cloud computing should be a strategic area of focus for CIOs and senior business leaders. This is due to the overwhelming agility and economic advantages of this new IT delivery model that touches nearly every aspect of IT. 


Web. Mobile. 

People are at the heart of the mobility revolution and  “Consumerization of IT” should be at the heart of every  enterprise infrastructure and a core part of business strategies to drive revenue, engagement, communications and be more competitive. 



Big data and Analytics optimize business decisions in real time and converts ever-growing data volumes into actionable intelligence. The strategic significance of analytics in globally-connected business environments is compelling. 

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Cold-chain visibility with a compelling ROI


With continuous temperature monitoring and reporting directly into your system, quality assurance for every shipment is vastly improved, reducing the occurrence of administering a clinical dose that has been exposed to temperature excursions outside a validated profile.  


Global GPS location tracking enables you to receive real-time alerts about shipment locations and can notify defined stakeholders throughout the process.  Save costs by reducing your reliance on very expensive couriers and logistics management providers.



Technology constantly takes us to new evolutionary steps. We research, explore and analyze technologies and trends before we decide to make them available to  our employees and our customers.


We have an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength and trust of any business we work with. That same integrity is ingrained within the nature of our company, our management and our employees and it remains steadfast no matter what. 


We create enterprise strategies for our customers transform them into concepts, lead the development and creative team and present them to the client. Our aim, each and every time, is to delight, inspire and deliver total satisfaction

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